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It's better in a Jar: 21 Gift Ideas

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It’s the right time to think about gifts for family and friends. Bring when invited to someone’s home, as a thank you, for birthdays and holidays. Or just a special, “I’m thinking of you!” 


Put your gift in a clean Mason, Ball or recycled jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar or place a pretty fabric under the lid. Add an original poem or note and you are ready to go! 


Give ingredients and directions as needed. Follow directions for canning for last 3 gift ideas.


  1. Flavored Vinegars

  2. Flavored Oils

  3. Chocolate Irish Cream Cocoa

  4. Dried Herbs or Spices

  5. Pancake/Waffle Mix

  6. Mulled Wine Spices

  7. Brownie Mix

  8. Popcorn kernels

  9. Trail Mix

  10. Chex Mix

11. Loose Tea

12. Coffee Beans or Ground Coffee

13. Jelly Beans

14. Truffle Balls or Fine Chocolates

15. Spice Rub

16. Nuts or Seeds

17. Dried Beans and Legumes

18. Soup Mix

19. Home made BBQ sauce

20. Canned vegetables or fruit

21. Jellies and Jams

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