Pilaf in a Pumpkin

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Somehow pumpkins and fall just go together. Whether you want a special treat for Halloween, are celebrating the harvest with the holiday of Sukkot or looking forward to Thanksgiving, this recipe is for you. So easy to make and a real crowd pleaser. 


Our Rice Pilaf fits so nicely inside the roasted pumpkin. Serve it with the lid and you are all set!  You can add other veggies if you like, but you may need a bigger pumpkin! 


The sweet smaller pumpkins you use for pies are the ones you want to purchase, rather than the larger ones that you may carve.

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Shadow Weaver is a fantasy-thriller that is hard to put down. Claire Merle has written a plot that is twisting and intriguing, and created characters that fight, search and change in their alliegences. Main character Mira is especially captivating and appealing.


Courageous and afraid, wounded and strong, she is an adolescent shadow weaver, an Uru Ana, who journeys into others’ minds but must learn what to do with the thoughts and memories she encounters. Mira tells us, “I am Uru Ana, privy to men’s darkest secrets, witness to the memories that haunt and the memories that comfort.”

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